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Hello everyone!

Long time no see!

Back in August, I found out that my Flash video, Stick Trouble in VG World, was taken down. However, that is not Newgrounds' fault.

I had a brief, meaningful conversation with Mr. Tom Fulp. He explained to me about music licensing agencies (ASCAP, BMI, etc. in the United States, JASRAC in Japan) forcing sites, including Newgrounds, to take down content containing copyrighted music and how the agencies exploit and screw over their signed artists. From what all information I gathered, this is only a taste of what toxic trade deals, like TPP, RCEP, ACTA 2, etc. will do to us if enacted. Many who knew of and opposed the SOPA and PIPA bills in America back in 2012 and ACTA know what this is about.

As such, I cannot reboot or revitalize the Stick Trouble series on Newgrounds at least. I sincerely apologize for those anticipating for the revitalization or reboot.

With all the unfair trade proposals, DMCA and ISDS shenanigans, and other "Copyright Nazism" (as I call it) in the United States and Japan, it gets harder to express ourselves with our creations, even if such creations were class projects, parodies, and other things off of which we do not intend to profit.

About the music "Copyright Nazism" in Japan, look up "JASRAC". One Anon, Chanology, has some things to say (in English) about JASRAC's practices regarding use of select copyrighted music.

One thing to note is that Newgrounds is a Team Internet member for net neutrality, which I also support and appreciate.

Thank you all for your understanding, and special thanks to Mr. Fulp! I hope things get better for all of us artists here in the NG community and elsewhere.

Take it easy!


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