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Great so far!

The series was very disturbing... in a good way! I don't know if you still visit Newgrounds at all, but don't quit on the series. Keep up the great suspense! ^_^


"Not all that great"? You surprised me by far! If you come up with a good story and/or parody, you might become about as great as Alvin-Earthworm! The only thing that's missing is the shadows when the two were standing on the ground. Other than that, great job! ^_^

Gets the message across

This movie is actually funny in some parts. With that being said, this really sends a message about some issues that we are dealing with: pollution and global warming. Very well-thought of! Nice job!

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As far as I can see, I can click on only the self destruct and start buttons, that's it. Was the number at the top left supposed to be the ship's x-coordinate or the game score?

rleyfield responds:

game score.

Needs to be fixed

Good concept. However, this game has some issues, especially the lag. The controls are sometimes badly delayed, and the lag also makes it hard to aim. Also, the BGM loop is also affected, I think.

Good start

This game has some potential. Just clean up the graphics. Also, you need to add in sounds. Finally, "You Lose" should be replaced with "Game Over", "End of Run", or something similar. I don't think anyone breaking his/her own record should get a discouraging "You Lose" message.

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This sounds really good. In a good way, it sounds a bit like it's from a video game, maybe a Sonic, Naruto, or a Flash game? The riffs are great! I just don't see why this isn't front-paged. I wouldn't be surprised if someone uses this track in his/her Flash project. Great job! ^_^

5/5 10/10

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Very decent

This one is really good. It starts out great and isn't rushed in this tempo. I like the riffs throughout the song. What kinda bothers me are either there's no bass, or my speakers aren't picking those up. Also, does Guitar Pro use MIDI only for the drumming? Other than those, the guitar parts are great and shouldn't be changed. You are very creative!

4/5 9/10

Great potential

I have to say that this has great potential. The song is very well on key (E minor), has a good beat, and flawless, all so far. Keep it up! I am looking forward to hearing the full version. ^_^

SymbolCymbal responds:

AWESOME... sweet so can i count on you to buy the album when it hits the NG store. lol.. well anyway im really glad you liked this. i have never attempted dubstep before so its glad to know im doing an ok job so far.

thanks again
and buy the album when it comes out. :)

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Great detail and mood! It does, however, look more to me like a faceless version of an Arch-Vile from the DOOM games. Nonetheless, epic art!

Why so serious?

I have to be serious about this. This piece is flawless! You did a really nice job with everything in it: content, color, perspective, etc. Keep it up! I would also like to see an animated version of this. ^_^

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This drawing is epic! There are lots of well-drawn details! Everything is in proportion and perspective (takes another long look at Fio). I don't see anything that needs any improvement. Great job!

TheShadling responds:

Glad you like her pal

Art is a powerful remedy for those suffering from boredom.

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